Learning: Why it’s easier said than done

How can you learn and grow, when you feel you need to know it all to begin with?  We are habituated to measure our success by external validation.  For children, this may take the form of stickers, praise or grades at school.  For us adults, it includes promotions, pay rises and positive feedback. Unfortunately, this external validation can undermine our capacity to learn and grow. (Image source: www.holidayssun.com; Puerto Banus at night)

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An inspiring review of Angela Duckworth’s book Grit, by Miriam Yates, Consulting Psychologist at Within Consulting.  

Why do you need Grit? How do you get it? And why talent isn’t everything!

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New Year, New You? Embracing the Inner Gorilla

Argumentative? Time poor? Control freak? No willpower? Weakness for a good Shiraz? Coffee addiction? Bad hair?  No problem, leave them all behind in 2015 and welcome a NEW YOU in 2016!  As we welcome in another new year, we are overwhelmed with articles encouraging us to become a brand new turbo-improved version of our former selves. But the reality is – You can’t just skip over yourself.

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