Resilience training has been shown to improve psychological wellbeing, job satisfaction, productivity and performance.

Thrive is an interactive workshop series that provides your employees with a ‘toolkit’ of resilience strategies that can assist with their ability to manage stress, navigate challenging situations and bounce back from setbacks they experience. Managers are also provided with additional sessions to assist with embedding a resilient culture and creating a psychologically healthy workforce.

THRIVE program
  1. 5 x 2 hour workshops*
  2. Topics include mindfulness, positive psychology, self-compassion and stress management
  3. Interactive and engaging
  4. Optional manager sessions to further embed a culture of resilience
* We can be tailor the program to meet the unique needs of your organisation
Following a recent THRIVE program
  1. 100% of participants agreed they would recommend the Program to others.
  2. 85% of managers reported that they felt more confident in their ability to manage resilience in the workplace.
  3. 92% of staff reported they felt more confident in maintaining or improving their own resilience.