Cultivating leadership that we all deserve

In January 2020, I moved to the American Midwest for a job that any early career academic would consider a dream. I am in a largely research focused position with a smattering of Undergraduate teaching. I research and teach into university courses on leadership and power, negotiation, organisational behaviour and in general, workplace behaviour. I also moonlight as an Organisational Psychologist back in Australia, consulting on topics related to those listed above. Being in America, you could imagine that similar to pretty much everyone else here, I have been tuned into the US Election. Through my work, I have also …

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Resilience: Its not what you think

I don’t often tell people about the kind of psychology I do.  It’s not that I’m not proud of it, but because it is generally misunderstood. When I tell people my work involves applying positive psychology and building resilience in the workplace, they usually look at me like I’m a flake.  It seems they picture me facilitating group hugs and Kumbaya sing alongs.  (Image source: 

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Positive Neuroplasticity: Hardwiring Behaviour Change and Building Inner Resources

What do you want to become ‘more’ of?  More patient, more confident, more assertive, more light-hearted? This article explores how we can identify the inner resources we need and want to develop, and the practical ways that we can ‘hardwire change’ in our minds. As I mentioned in my previous article, there is a growing body of research in the area of neuroplasticity that supports the idea that our talents, abilities and strengths are not fixed.  We are all very quick to put ourselves (and others) into boxes which limit us.  In fact, we all have the capacity to change, …

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Who Needs a Coach?

Elite athletes have them, as do many successful CEOs.  So you might think that coaching is only for those who have made it to the top in their chosen field.  But many of these highly successful individuals worked with a coach to get to where they are today and they recognise the important contribution of coaching in their transformation and growth.

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Ready for a Change?

To Do or Not To Do…..

Implementing changes in our personal and professional lives can be extremely challenging.  We are wired for safety and nothing quite flicks our safety switch like the prospect of change.  In fact, one of our key survival strategies is to stabilise what keeps changing in order to maintain equilibrium, so our brains are very good at sending us warning signals whenever change is in the air. 

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Strengths at Work

Do you know what your greatest strengths are?  Are you using your strengths at work?  

If you answer yes to both of these questions, chances are you are likely to be more engaged in your work (Lewis, 2011).  In fact, research suggests that knowing your strengths and being able to apply them is the path to a happier and more fulfilling life in general (Seligman, 2006).  

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