Eating with Abandon: The French Way

I often work with individuals who struggle with OVER activities, and it’s usually part of the reason why they are seeking executive coaching. OVER-working, OVER-stressing, OVER-checking, and OVER-preparing to name just a few. Often these OVER activities follow a cyclical pattern of OVER-working (in some form) followed by OVER-indulgence. It’s frequently a hamster wheel pattern, not at all dissimilar to ‘yo-yo dieting’. (Image source: – a refreshing food blog and also a delicious recipe for making your own croissants)

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Strengths at Work

Do you know what your greatest strengths are?  Are you using your strengths at work?  

If you answer yes to both of these questions, chances are you are likely to be more engaged in your work (Lewis, 2011).  In fact, research suggests that knowing your strengths and being able to apply them is the path to a happier and more fulfilling life in general (Seligman, 2006).  

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