We facilitate interactive workshops in areas such as emotional intelligence, change management and strategic planning.

Whether it’s a ‘lunchbox’ learning session, half-day, full-day or several sessions over a few days, we can tailor the workshops to meet your needs (and budget!).

Popular Workshops
Stress Management
A short workshop that provides practical tips and strategies to not only manage stress but also thrive in dynamic, fast paced and high pressure workplaces.
Change Management
These workshops help to understand the psychology behind why people find change so hard, as well as how to ‘roll with’ resistance and overcome other people, process and organisational challenges that can occur with organisational change.
Emotional Intelligence
One of the most important factors for individual success in the workplace, emotional intelligence, is the ability to understand and manage your own and other’s emotions. In these workshops, we help your employees to better manage stress, maintain motivation and build successful relationships internally and externally.
Belbin Team Roles
Based on decades of research conducted by Dr. Meredith Belbin, these workshops help teams to understand what set of behaviours each member of a team is likely to enjoy engaging when working with others. We help groups to better understand themselves and others to support and maximise their strengths and overall performance.

Inclusive leadership
Leading teams can be tough work. In this workshop, we share the latest research on ways you can grow and develop your understanding of inclusive leadership to leverage your success at work. We discuss the unique challenges that leaders can face and work with you to build your own individual plan on how to tackle these challenges.
Impostor syndrome

Have you ever felt like a fraud? That you didn’t deserve your success? Where would you be if your self-doubt didn’t hold you back? This workshop teaches participants how to overcome the fear of failure with practical and measurable strategies that work.

Other Topics
Maintaining momentums
Psychological health and resilience is imperative for a high performance, productive and engaged workforce.
Improving innovation
We discuss and practice simple ways you can enhance innovation in your team.

Psychological Safety
A recent study by Google found that best performing teams were those with high levels of psychological safety – where people felt safe offering suggestions and taking measured risks. We provide an understanding of what psychological safety is and how to use it to create a high performing team.