Who Needs a Coach?

Elite athletes have them, as do many successful CEOs.  So you might think that coaching is only for those who have made it to the top in their chosen field.  But many of these highly successful individuals worked with a coach to get to where they are today and they recognise the important contribution of coaching in their transformation and growth.

Coaching is a collaborative and flexible process which is tailored to the needs of the individual. At it’s best, coaching is also a systematic, results-oriented process, which is grounded in a strong understanding of how we think, feel and behave and what it takes to set and achieve goals. Through questions, discussion and a focus on future solutions, the coach and coachee work together to set a clear direction and implement the actions to achieve it.   All decisions are made by the coachee, with the coach facilitating and supporting the coachee through the decision-making process.

The question really is – who doesn’t need a coach?

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