Strengths at Work

Do you know what your greatest strengths are?  Are you using your strengths at work?  

If you answer yes to both of these questions, chances are you are likely to be more engaged in your work (Lewis, 2011).  In fact, research suggests that knowing your strengths and being able to apply them is the path to a happier and more fulfilling life in general (Seligman, 2006).

It’s also important to understand our weaknesses so we can manage them effectively, but investing the bulk of our effort in ‘overcoming weaknesses’ can become demotivating, demoralising and ineffective.  When our energy is focused on overcoming weaknesses, we are aiming for mediocrity at best (Linley, 2008).  When our energy is focused on developing our strengths, we can aim for the highest levels of performance.

So the next time you are planning personal or professional development activities, for yourself or for your team, choose options that allow you (and your team) to grow and develop your strengths.

For readings on positive psychology and applying strengths, have a look at the amazing work of Martin Seligman, Alex Linley, Sarah Lewis, Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

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